The OutPoint team

We started OutPoint to build a world-class, human-centric company that fundamentally improves the lives of our customers, teammates, and external stakeholders. We hire for principle fit, as well as an impeccable code of conduct and high integrity.

We are building the type of company that attracts the best & brightest people froacross various disciplines.

What we offer

Choose where you work

We're fully remote friendly and offer access to office space in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Unlimited vacation

We believe in optimizing for the long term, and use a mutual trust approach to encourage time away from work.

Inclusive culture

We believe you should be able to bring your full self to work, and are committed to building a safe, supportive and inclusive team.

Competitive benefits

We offer extended medical, health and dental care.

Career growth

We're committed to creating opportunities for our team members. Through regular 1:1s and mentorship, you can collaboratively shape your path.

Balance work with play

From Toronto Blue Jays games to Codenames, we offer opportunities to get to know your team through remote and in-person events.


Working at OutPoint

If you're looking for a career that offers autonomy, growth and the chance to make an impact, check out our remote-friendly opportunities.

OutPoint is solving the most impactful and challenging problems in the world of consumer growth modelling. In our industry, we are building a next-gen system for media mix modelling across online and offline paid media channels, identifying the impact of "non-marketing" factors on performance and making that explainable.

With OutPoint, brands can simulate optimal paid media mix across current and new paid growth channels to achieve higher revenues and lower costs.


About the founders

OutPoint was founded by Rob Palumbo (CEO) and Sean Billings (CTO) in early 2021 as part of Entrepreneur First. Our collective backgrounds include high-growth startups like Properly, Borrowell, and Spherical Labs and scaled organizations like Amazon, Arup, and PepsiCo.We've benefited from serving as early team members and leaders at a handful of startups and have seen the ups and downs of scaling a business, product, and culture.

Our core principles

We are all owners

Actions speak louder than words. We do what we say and each embrace responsibility for both creativity and accountability. We reward increased commitment and creative freedom.

Growth for all

We are committed to the personal and professional growth of our teammates. We encourage taking risks and support each other every step of the way. We hire for slope (where they are going) over Y intercept (where they are today).

Customer obsessed

We maintain deep empathy for customer problems and the resulting solutions. If it doesn’t work for the customer, it doesn’t work for us. We only win when the customer wins.

In data we trust

We make decisions based on data and evidence, not gut opinions. We put in the research to form a point of view and seek out alternative data points to test our logic and assumptions.

Transparency and collaboration over control

We design our processes and information flow to prioritize honesty and transparency in all directions. We share context and communicate clearly. We believe we are most innovative when teammates make decisions using the best information available.

Humanize and simplify

We prefer to simplify and abstract away complexity. We operate in a complicated ecosystem, and we empathize there are humans involved at every step of the process.

Balance with urgency

We move with urgency, while respecting and encouraging personal balance. We are intentional in recognizing the trade-offs between long-term and short-term decisions.