Careers at OutPoint

By: Sean Billings & Rob Palumbo

👋 Hi there,  

We're excited you're considering working with us, and we want to do our best to explain why OutPoint is one of the best places to build a career in 2022 and beyond.

We started OutPoint to build a world-classhuman-centric company that fundamentally improves the lives of our customers, teammates, and external stakeholders. We hire for principle fit (see below), as well as an impeccable code of conduct and high integrity.

We are building the type of company that attracts the best & brightest people from diverse backgrounds across various disciplines. 

You can read about our 2021 pre-seed round here!


💯 OutPoint Mission

OutPoint is on a mission to grow the digital economy through marketing science. 🌊 📈 

Growth isn't zero-sum. Using data to unlock dollars for profitable scaling, OutPoints empowers new digital businesses, new customers, new transactions, and new economic activity.

Curious to learn more? Read this post on how OutPoint works.

From a functional perspective, we use technology to help growth marketers diversify ad spend and discover the benefits of an optimized marketing mix.

Our thesis is that an intelligent modelling system will sit at the “top of the funnel” for allocating tens of billions in B2C ad spend by 2025, enabling de-risked growth, higher valuations and more efficient capital allocation.

OutPoint is building it. Here are three shifts we think are inevitable as a result of OutPoint’s success:

  1. In-house > external: Arming in-house Marketing teams with productized data science de-risks the task of scaling ad spend and puts brands in control of their own outcomes.
  2. Market integrity: The world is seeing an increase in valuable, independent digital brands. We are in the midst of a monumental power shift allowing Independents to tap into consumer markets across the world. Simultaneously, consumer’s have increasing control over what to buy, when to do it, and how much to pay.
  3. We all win: More competitive ad markets create positive externalities for the economy. As OutPoint’s clients scale, this kicks off a virtuous cycle of additional hiring and investment, benefiting society.

We're focused on solving real problems faced by our customers as they scale.

🤝🏽 Core Operating Principles

The following principles represent specific behaviours and skills that we value most at OutPoint. As an early-stage, fast-moving, company we recognize that the specifics of what we work on will change over time. But, every strong organization starts with a kernel of principles that shape its success.

We're focused on building a culture that enables our teammates and customers to exceed their potential. The following principles inform our hiring process and are referenced directly when we make decisions.

Core Operating Principles

We are all owners

Actions speak louder than words. We do what we say and each embrace responsibility for both creativity and accountability. We reward increased commitment and creative freedom.

Growth for all

We are committed to the personal and professional growth of our teammates. We encourage taking risks and support each other every step of the way. We hire for slope (where they are going) over Y intercept (where they are today). 

Customer obsessed

We maintain deep empathy for customer problems and the resulting solutions. If it doesn’t work for the customer, it doesn’t work for us. We only win when the customer wins.

In data we trust

We make decisions based on data and evidence, not gut opinions. We put in the research to form a point of view and seek out alternative data points to test our logic and assumptions.

Transparency and collaboration over control

We design our processes and information flow to prioritize honesty and transparency in all directions. We share context and communicate clearly. We believe we are most innovative when teammates make decisions using the best information available.

Humanize & simplify

We prefer to simplify and abstract away complexity. We operate in a complicated ecosystem, and we empathize there are humans involved at every step of the process.

Balance with urgency

We move with urgency, while respecting and encouraging personal balance. We are intentional in recognizing the trade-offs between long-term and short-term decisions.

 🌎 Diversity and Inclusion

We're committed to building a safe, supportive, and inclusive team at OutPoint. We are committed to a workplace free from discrimination of all kinds.

Getting to the best outcomes for our team and customers calls for diverse perspectives and experiences. Quite simply, we won't fulfill our mission if our team looks and thinks the same. 

We promise to foster a workspace where everyone belongs from day one. We create a space where all voices are respected, and people of all backgrounds can do our best work.

 📈 How we Hire

We do our best to be responsive and communicate expectations throughout the hiring process—integrity matters. 

Our interviewing philosophy:

1. Standardized for consistency and effectiveness: When it comes to hiring, we operate like scientists, keeping as many variables consistent in the process to evaluate candidates. Standardization lets us reduce the impact of bias and increase our predictive powers so that our interviews are more effective. 

2. Technical and Principles-based process: We use technical and principles-based assessments with our candidates, including case studies and : questions. We use frameworks and rubrics to assess candidate knowledge, skills, and behaviors on merit rather than making biased or inaccurate assumptions about a candidate's abilities based on their resumes, warm intros, or our "gut feel" about their candidacy. After a technical and principles-based interview (remotely), we'll ask for a few references, such as past managers and colleagues, as we value team effectiveness and think it is essential to hear from teammates.

3. Exceptional candidate experience: We create a hiring experience that gives folks a realistic understanding of our company's role and makes a positive impression of OutPoint (whether or not they get the job).

4. Put people first: We understand that talent is the most valuable resource in the world: potential future team members assess us as much or more than we evaluate them. We recognize that we are in a fortunate position to work with exceptional people and we want to do right by them.

🤜 🤛 About the Founders

OutPoint was founded by Rob Palumbo (CEO) and Sean Billings (CTO) in early 2021 as part of Entrepreneur First. Our collective backgrounds include high-growth startups like Properly, Borrowell, and Spherical Labs and scaled organizations like Amazon, Arup, and PepsiCo.

We've benefited from serving as early team members and leaders at a handful of startups and have seen the ups and downs of scaling a business, product, and culture.

💡 About the Team


  • Rob: Ex-Senior Growth Marketing Leader at Borrowell, Properly, PolicyMe and advisor to multiple high-growth startups; deep domain expertise in performance marketing and growth analytics
  • Sean: Ex-Senior Engineer from Amazon HQ working on econometric modelling, with experience at cybersecurity and defence modeling startups; hyper-focused on production machine learning with a Masters in Computer Science from Cambridge

GTM & Design

  • Erika: Ex-Senior sales leader at Corus Entertainment; 10+ years in content development and advertising sales; incredible startup sales hustler and operator
  • Caroline: Senior Product Designer using a human-focused and data-informed approach, with experience building SaaS and data apps
  • Jason: Business Operations Manager and fintech startup veteran from Wave with strong ownership, execution and creative abilities


  • Tanya: AI Research Scientist from UofT with a Masters in mathematical optimization and customer-facing experience, top of her class in Engineering at UWaterloo
  • François-Joseph: Former rocket scientist and deep learning engineer with a passion for production machine learning and applied optimization


  • Parneet: Senior Software Engineer, with team leadership experience and high energy profile to help scale our architecture and processes
  • Thomas: Experienced full-stack software engineer from UofT with experience building front-end and back-end products; extremely productive and high energy team player
  • Aniket: Talented software engineer from UofT with experience from OnePassword in front-end and back-end development; thoughtful and high EQ
  • RiteshArtificial Intelligence Research Engineer with experience in Healthcare from the National University of Singapore

🏖️ ⛰️ Vacation Policy

  • Please use the shared calendar to block off any upcoming vacation dates and share in Slack #ooo-vacation (inform in advance, not ask for permission)
  • As a reminder, we have a flexible (read: no-limit) vacation policy, we only kindly ask that you share context with your direct team/manager (or here!) so we can plan accordingly.
  • It's a marathon, not a sprint, and we are optimizing for the long-term, so please take the time you need to rest. 
  • A common knock-on 'unlimited/flexible' vacation policy is that "unlimited" can result in under-usage. At "unlimited" companies, there typically isn't transparency around selecting days off or what the bounds are. However, we hope we can level up the trust factor through this following:
  • We don't have prescribed "limits" other than common sense and mutual trust policy; consider the lower bound three weeks.
  • Please aim to hit a minimum of 3-weeks vacation per year; leadership will try to set the tone and lead by example here.
  • Optimize for the long-term!

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