Diversify and scale your media mix

OutPoint offers automated media mix modeling (MMM) software to improve the performance of every ad dollar.

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Meet your OutPoint team

Erika Fabian

Erika Fabian

Head of Sales
Sean Billings

Sean Billings

Co-Founder & CTO
Rob Palumbo

Rob Palumbo

Co-Founder & CEO

Easily migrate your marketing data using integrations

Getting set up with OutPoint starts by easily and securely importing your marketing data directly from the tools you use.

How it works

Connect 1st party data

Simply plug in your revenue and cost data. No dev team is required for onboarding.

Run automated MMM

Incrementality and economic lift modeling for online and offline spends, refreshed monthly.

Evaluate performance

Monitor diminishing returns and marginal costs to discover highest return channels.

Allocate an optimal budget

Dial up or dial down channel spends based on predicted return to unlock net-new growth .

Uncover the metrics you need to answer the hardest questions in growth:

Are you spending effectively?
Where should you allocate your next ad dollar?