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About OutPoint

OutPoint empowers DTC marketers to scale revenue through ad spend diversification and marketing science. Marketers can simulate optimal paid media mix across current and new paid growth channels.

OutPoint formed in the Toronto cohort of Entrepreneur First (EF). EF is a $140M venture builder backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Mosaic Ventures, and Lakestar.

OutPoint's leadership team is Sean Billings (CTO) and Rob Palumbo (CEO)

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  • How do I know how much I should spend on a given channel?

    OutPoint's marginal return curve analysis allows you to see how much additional budget you should invest into a channel (or how much you should dial back!)

  • What is Marketing Mix Modelling?

    Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM), also known as Media Mix Modelling, is a statistical data science technique that enables teams to quantify the impact of various marketing inputs on Revenue or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The result of a well-executed MMM is often increased revenue, lower costs or both.

    The goal of MMM is to explain how much each marketing channel contributes to revenue and how much to spend on each marketing channel. It is the foundation for effectively optimizing a paid media budget across different channels.

    Are you conscious about the performance & measurement implications of recent privacy changes and the transition to a "cookieless" world? MMM is the answer. MMM requires no user data and provides an ideal path for understanding performance across channels and planning for the future.

  • How should we analyze and measure offline channels?

    OutPoint's advanced growth modelling imputes value to each of your offline channels within a level of measured accuracy. OutPoint's models are probabilistic and designed to aid your team in making more reliable spend decisions.

    Other methods we can help your team incorporate and model include Lift/Incrementality tests and "How Did You Hear About Us" surveys.

  • We need to increase our revenue target this quarter. Where should I put my next $100k of spend to drive incremental revenue?

    OutPoint scenario planner is a tool that allows you to plan different spend scenarios across channels and project the impact on incremental revenue.

  • What will happen when I double or triple spend next month?

    OutPoint lets you model questions like this, taking into account diminishing marginal returns. You may observe that your customer acquisition cost rises by a disproportionate amount when you increase your ad spend. Rising customer acquisition costs are related to the concept of Diminishing Returns and Marginal CAC.


Diversify paid ad spend and mitigate the risk of CAC increases as you scale up your investments


Smart cross-channel measurement with deep understanding of incrementality/marginal costs

Budget Allocation

Discover the optimal mix of channels based on your target revenue and budget levels

 “With these data-driven insights, companies can often maintain their existing budgets yet achieve improvements of 10% to 30% (sometimes more) in marketing performance.” 


Harvard Business Review

Wes Nichols

Media mix modeling allows advertisers to map spend to revenue on the basis of incremental value and diminishing returns: it sidesteps completely the complications caused by last-click attribution, etc.


Mobile Dev Memo

Eric Benjamin Seufert


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Diversification of channels, smart measurement of incremental/marginal costs, and a balanced view of paid marketing investments are a few of the benefits OutPoint delivers. Take control of your marketing mix today.