Diversify and scale your media mix

OutPoint offers a suite of budget allocation decision tools for improved performance on every ad dollar. 


Trusted by high-growth B2C brands around the world


Intelligent marketing capital allocation powered by ML

Unlock your roadmap to faster, more predictable growth.


Predicted performance and cost curves

Accurately predict incremental ROAS, CAC, and return lift outcomes by spend. Find out how much room you have to scale on any channel and avoid diminishing returns.  


Budget recommendations and scenario planning

Save time with tailored recommendations to maximize either growth or efficiency, or input custom spends for ‘what if’ scenario planning.


New channel recommendations and simulation

What channel should you launch next? Our ML models will suggest your next best channel, and help you maximize effectiveness across your investment portfolio.


How it works


Connect 1st party data

Simply plug in your revenue and cost data. No dev team is required for onboarding.

Run automated MMM

Incrementality and economic lift modeling for online and offline spends, refreshed monthly.

Evaluate performance

Monitor diminishing returns and marginal costs to discover highest return channels.

Allocate an optimal budget

Dial up or dial down channel spends based on predicted return to unlock net-new growth .


Partner with an experienced team

Sean Billings, CTO

Sean Billings, CTO

Senior technologist with production machine learning experience at Amazon and early-stage companies.

Rob Palumbo, CEO

Rob Palumbo, CEO

Growth marketing expert who scaled 3x B2C brands from Seed to Series B+ using data-driven growth strategies.

Erika Fabian, Head of Sales

Erika Fabian, Head of Sales

Sales leader with 10+ years of media industry experience in content development and advertising


Backed by world class investors

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