One of the best features of OutPoint is the ability to accurately model lifts from Offline channels.

However, in order to learn about your offline spend, we'll ask for a CSV upload.

The following is a step-by-step guide to uploading a CSV to OutPoint:

1. Create your CSV (example file here)

The csv is valid if the columns are labelled as 'channel', 'date', 'campaign', 'spend'. Also ensure that every row has no empty values and that channel entries match selected!

Columns: channel, date (yyyy-mm-dd), amount_spent, campaign

Date formatting tips:

  • Up to one year historical up to present date

2. Navigate to your at your /Spend page

spend upload

3. Select your desired channel grouping (channel not there?)

4. Click 'Upload spend file' icon

spend selection

5. Select your CSV file


6. Preview File & Confirm

You should see an image displayed like below, with a spend chart and date range.


7. You're done! Still need help?

Email us at