Pricing aligned with your growth

Our pricing model is simple. We price according to your level of ad spend tracked through OutPoint.

  • Your first round of insights are on us (limited time offer!)
  • If we can't identify any upside, you pay $0

Choose a plan below based on your needs


For digital-first companies that want to grow revenue with data-driven decision making.        

  • 1.5% of Monthly Ad Spend
  • Marginal ROAS, CLV, CAC
  • Media Mix Modelling
  • Brand Lift

Offline + Digital

  For omni-channel scale-ups that aim to grow by maximizing impact across their marketing mix.  

  • 1.5% of Monthly Ad Spend
  • Everything in Basic
  • Offline Channel Integrations 
  • What-if Scenario Planning
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 For larger companies looking for enterprise-grade compliance while optimizing marketing mix.

  • Contact us for custom pricing
  • Everything in Pro
  • Tailored To Your Requirements
  • Dedicated Client Manager

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a free trial?

Yes. We want to ensure you get maximum value, and therefore we always include a managed onboarding and free insights before you pay.

Can I use any ad spend channel and revenue analytics source?

OutPoint allows you to collect ad spend from all major ad spend and revenue analytics data sources. Not sure? Contact us for the full list.

Do you have special pricing for agencies?

Yes, we do. Get in touch with us to learn more about our terms for agencies.

Our monthly spend is over $1 million, how much will it cost?

We offer specialized pricing for your business and discounts at scale. Contact us for a custom offer.